Please note that by booking for any of the events listed on the website you contract to abide by the terms and conditions laid out.

1. If paying by cheque: fill in the following form, print out and send with your payment and copy of your current public liability insurance certificate.

2. If paying by bank transfer/standing order: fill in the following form, print out and send with a copy of your current public liability insurance certificate.   

    Email to:, and then you will be sent the bank details, email back the confirmation of your payment schedule.

3. If you wish to pay by debit or credit card please email to for details.

Your booking is confirmed once payment is received.

Please provide the following information:

Trading Name:
Type of Activity or Arts & Crafts you will be selling::
Address 1:
Address 2: 
Address 3:
Telephone:: Mobile:
Cost per Stall booking: £35

Cheques should be made payable to 'Arts & Crafts Market Ltd', thank you.

Please write 'BCF' on the back of your cheque.

I agree to my name used in publicising the market 
Your application will not be accepted without ALL of the following:
Payment Method: Cheque enclosed:       BACS:          Credit/Debit card at 50p charge:   
I agree to the Terms & Conditions and enclose a signed acceptance form
I have enclosed a copy of my insurance certificate
I have enclosed my completed a full risk assessment

Terms & Conditions 

PLEASE NOTE: No booking will be accepted if all the points below are not met on application.


The Black Cherry Fair is an outdoor event, held on Abbey Field, Windsor Street, Chertsey. 

Trading is all day but the field gets really busy once the procession arrives at around 11am.

All traders should arrive by 8.30am at the latest to unload your cars. Cars need to removed from the field by 9.00am.

When unloading please ensure that your vehicle does not block the fire lines or access by other traders, if you are asked to move your car then 

please do so immediately, thank you.

All traders should unpack their cars into their allocated space and then move your car to the car park. Once this is done you will be allowed to set up your stall. 

Please do not set up your stall prior to removing your car from the field.

You will need to bring your own gazebo, tables and chairs.

No electricity is provided at this event and no generators are allowed on our section of the field.

All traders are required to dress up and decorate their stall in the medieval theme of the event.


Traders should:

 1. Fill in the application form and send it in as soon as possible but to arrive no later than 31st May.

 2. List goods they wish to exhibit on the application form, no trader will be allowed to exhibit any products not declared on their form or been given permission 

to do so by Anna Barry. 

 3. Send pictures and description of their goods. 

 4. Enclose the full fee required with their booking form. 

 5. Send a copy of their current public liability insurance, to a minimum of 1 million, with their booking form. (Please see ‘Insurance’ below). 

 6. Sign and return the terms & conditions. 

 7. Agree to abide by the Events terms and conditions (

 8. Verbal bookings are not accepted; we can however confirm availability of space at time of the call. Allocation of spaces at the venue is at the sole discretion 

of the Arts & Crafts Market organiser. 

 9. If the venue is fully booked a reserve list for traders will be held on file. If a trader cancels a booking the next appropriate trader on the reserve list will be offered a stall. 

 10.We reserve the right at our sole discretion and without giving any reason, to refuse any application promptly returning the full fees received. 

     Please note that there is no cancellation fee payable for this event.


Displays on the Day:

Each Trader undertakes to have his exhibits on display in his allocated space and in full view throughout the advertised hours of the event, and be prepared to trade for 

longer than stated if necessary on the day. No trader is allowed to use space not booked and paid for on the day.

Exhibits shall not obstruct the general view or hide the exhibits of others and shall not be packed, covered or removed before the end of the event without the permission 

of Anna Barry or the event organisers. 

To pack up and leave prior to closure of the event can result in cancellation of other bookings for the Arts & Crafts Market with no refund and refusal of 

future bookings.

Each Trader is expected to remove all rubbish around their stall and to leave the venue in a pristine condition and any Trader who does not tidy up will not be asked to attend 

future events and will have any future bookings cancelled.

Each Trader is required to adequately weigh down their gazebo at every event they attend, irrespective of the weather forecast. Those without weights may be asked to take down their gazebo.

Insurance: Each Trader is responsible for the provision of their own public liability insurance and for the safety of their stall and it’s products. The insurance must cover you to 

sell your goods at this venue. A copy of the Trader’s insurance certificate and/or insurance policy is required on booking. If you are not sure of what is required then please visit 

the market website booking page for details of reasonably priced insurance providers. 

Anna Barry and the Arts & Crafts Market Ltd does not hold any liability for any trader or their products. 

Every trader shall participate in this event entirely at his or her own risk in every respect, and shall absolve Anna Barry and the Arts & Crafts Market Ltd from responsibility for such risks, 

including personal injury, loss or damage to property: however this injury, loss or damage may be caused whether by fire, theft, inclement weather, interruption of power, defect in the 

equipment and building or failure of subcontractors or agents to perform. 

Anna Barry and the Arts & Crafts Market Ltd cannot be held responsible, and its exhibitors absolve it from any responsibility, for loss of profits, for damage or theft of traders stock, 

interruption of power or services, or failure of press advertisement fully contracted to appear, inclement weather and failure of sub-contractors or agents to perform, which may result 

in loss to Traders or the cancellation of events. 

Anna Barry and the Arts & Crafts Market Ltd does not provide insurance cover for theft or damage to Traders stock and recommends that they take adequate insurance against all risks.

It is a condition of booking that exhibitors absolve Anna Barry and the Arts & Crafts Market Ltd from any responsibility for refunding fees paid by them except as specified under these conditions. 


I have read, understood and agree to all the above terms & conditions:



Company Name:



Please print out this form and send to Anna Barry, Arts & Crafts Market, 160 Chertsey Lane, Staines TW18 3LS

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